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Coughing that's confused as a sneeze. Usually followed by an awkward bless you, which should only be given for sneezes.
Kathy Nguyen snoughed, the people next to her said bless you. Weird.
by ATTLu December 04, 2010
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A sneeze that can be easily confused with a cough.
"Was that a sneeze or a cough?" "Neither. It's a SNOUGH"
by Leo March 07, 2003
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A mix between a sneeze and a cough. Often results in a violent and embarassing noise.
Chris! You just snoughed all over my pizza!
by austinD April 07, 2007
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The combined simultanous occurrence of a sneeze and a cough, which is usually expelled through the mouth.
I was sitting down to eat my sandwich at lunch time when my co-worker came over and snoughed all over my balogna sandwich and my snack-pak thus completely ruining my lunch.
by Russ the Buss April 11, 2007
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