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A combination of sniffing, snorting, and truffling. Often used in regard to various body orifices, particularly ones below the belt.

Can also be done in a bed under the blanket or in the dark with loud grunting sounds.
Zooooomagawd, we came home drunk from the bar, and this guy was like totally snorfling my vadge. I had to smack him unconscious.
by hello world champion April 07, 2011
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That wierd air sucking sound you make when you wake up with one stuffed up nostril and you try to clear it out.
Bob was dreaming his pillow was jammed up his right nostril only to wake up snorfling due to a sinus infection.
by nuttybunny September 25, 2013
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A sexual act whereby the male partner orally enjoys (and brings enjoyment to) the females partner's breasts, via licking, sucking, and nuzzling them with his mouth and face. Is oftentimes assisted by either/both partner's hands.

Especially applicable when the woman has larger breasts rather than smallish ones.

Typically characterized by female "on top" position, where her breasts are suspended over/pressed into, the man's face.
"Oh man, we got home, she took her top off, and I just started snorfling those huge things!..."
by Chester83 February 22, 2012
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