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Snorfeling is the act of taking the mucous from an infant and using it for sexual purposes.

The mucous is usually taken by covering the infant's face with your mouth and sucking gently. The mouth of the infant is left uncovered to allow it to breath, and so that the pressure of your sucking actually draws out the mucous.

Infant mucous has an amazingly high concentration of rare electrolytes and psychotropics, particularly when compared to other substances widely used in sexual relations.

Once drawn from the infant, the mucous is used in many ways:

1. The primary use for the substance is to just ingest it; the 'high' one gets from it greatly heightens sexual experience for the next few hours.

2. The mucous is also used by dribbling it onto one's self or one's partner and licking it off. This has the same effects as ingestation, however adds some foreplay to the equation.

3. Finally, the mucous can be used as an adequate lubricant. Some of the effects from the substance can be felt by absorbing it through the skin of the genitals, though to a much lesser extent.
by internet lol April 03, 2004
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