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A hooded (hoodie) sweatshirt with a zipper, commonly used in Western Mass or Chicopee in particular.
A snoogie is different from a hoodie because it has a zipper that runs vertically, while a hoodie does not possess any zippers. A hoodie and a snoogie may both have pockets.
I have been wearing the same red snoogie since '96.
by brenda7777 April 09, 2007
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A small bud of pot, usually around a third of a gram. Just enough for a nice, fat joint. Term used around the Vancouver area where the herb is civilized.
" Hey man, I'm a little short in the greenery department. Could you spot me a wee snoogie to tide me over?"

" Nary a problem my friend....."
by BEAS February 11, 2012
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Infantile and or affectionate version of Snuggle which is a combination of a hug and a nuzzle.

What I call my Husband. 'cause he's so sweet.
Give me a snoogie.
I want to give you a snoogie.
I wuv my Snoogie.
by Li'l Bear March 22, 2008
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a snot/loogie that is dangled from ones nostril.Meanwhile a index finger is applied to the opposing nostril to give it more force. snot loogie=snoogie.
dude that was one humungous snoogie!!!!
hey u got yer snoogie in my peanut butter.
Hey could u blow a snoogie on my chocolate starfish its a little dry.
by sean d and jimmy c September 27, 2004
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A hickey followed by a noticeable bite mark.
John got busted by his girl when she found that snoogie on his neck.
by youngandrestless March 03, 2009
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