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Someone (usually a man) who gets off by sniffing other people's bicycle seats or chair bottoms.
Did you see that creeptastic snoid sniffing around the bike racks after class?
by Holliwood123 April 26, 2007
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A greasy, reggae-listening-to, pot-smoking middle class white fool.
"Yo, you wanna go smoke out with Brendon?"

"Nah, i can't hang with that snoid."
by weak_sauce87 May 08, 2008
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verb; to screw over or be screwed over. One can get snoided by karma, in that you did something bad, and are paying the price for it. Usually one is snoided by their own stupidity. conversely, you can snoid someone else by making sure that they are screwed.
I wasn't thinking, and got snoided during rush hour by insane amounts of traffic.

I was playing football, and I caught an interception, with 70 yards clear for me to run a touchdown. However, I did a really long victory dance, and was tackled by the other team, who stole the ball back from me, and recovered all lost yardage. Due to my own stupidity, I was snoided.
by Furmanizer October 13, 2009
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Someone who is both a pseudo-intellectual and a snob. These people usually have personality defects and a superiority complex.
Danny was a real snoid at school. Now he's an accountant and goes to Rotary meetings at the weekends.
by Dr Grimace December 02, 2012
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Nitrous Oxide Gas. Or sometimes known as doing whippets. Usually inhaling gas from Nitrous oxide capsules used for making whipped cream.
We were doing snoid all night and today I feel stupid.
by Tuckers July 12, 2006
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