Any dance or special traditional movement done following a small or large victory. (See sither)
- Watch that "Dirty Bird" do his victory dance on the field. Man! Those Falcons rule!
- Meri did a victory dance immediately following her win on a reality television show.
by horsefeathers90 December 11, 2005
The act of punching an annoying person until one's hand breaks, then using said broken hand to rub one out in a celebratory fashion
Man: Had a top night last. Bumped in to that annoying prick Appollo Creed, dashed his brains out that went home to perform Rocky Balboa's Victory Dance with Match of the Day on!
by Heavy D Birmingham July 26, 2013
a dance made when the editors on urbandictionary finally approve the word gravponics on their site. Since I have defined the word in its most basic form as it is just a portmanteau of 2 words. Ive also noticed that sometimes just because its funny they get approved.
When urban dictionary finally adds gravponics as a word on their site, i will dance around and sing i win, i win, i win, i win. That is the essence of the gravponic victory dance. Also see gravponics confusion and gravponics connundrum which also dont get approved no matter how funny i make these terms, urbandictionary wont approve it.
by MikeLStamps April 19, 2013