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A snigga is a straight up nigga with a new pair of sneakers that cost more than his car and house combined. He wears them proudly and cleans them often and walks in such a manner as to not put any creases in them. He usually makes a spectacle of himself to get attention from other broke ass niggas to notice his sneakers. Unfortunately' the sneakers are out of style within six months or less leading his sorry ass to commit some crime such as drug dealing or stealing to buy the next pair. :)))
My baby daddy ain't gave me no money for diapers or hairweave in six months cuz his broke ass is too busy being a "snigga" !
by kcuts315 January 07, 2016
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a Sand Nigga is an Arabic person that struggles just as much as black Niggaz,,
It has nothing to do with Snitch, Bitch, Stupid,,,

The police stopped looking for Niggaz they looking for Sand Niggaz "Snigga"
by KissMyArabicAss September 01, 2005
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n. A compound word when you combine stupid & nigga
guy 1: ey dawg, what's the number to 911?

guy 2: damn, you snigga shut the hell up
by eugene May 10, 2004
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Snigga = Snitch Nigga, ie, someone who rats on his "friends" to the cops, probably for a reward, or just favorable treatment by said pigs.
Huggy Bear is a Snigga, always snitchin' to Starsky & Hutch.
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An Arabic person that is tight or cool. A sand nigga.
This snigga right here is down with the biggest O.G. in the Yay! Shit son.
by DJ Farva May 14, 2005
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A nigga who has just eaten a snickers bar. This name lasts until the snickers bar has been completely shat out.
As the famous T-Pain once wisely said "Im in love with a snigga. . ."
by R_Dawg_haha November 14, 2009
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