someone who laughs a lot at silly things
that niall, he's a right snickerpuss
by Trixie Firecracker September 9, 2004
A vagina that expresses scornful amusement by means of facial contortions.
When I pulled my pants down, her vag turned into a snickerpuss.
by hypoxicboy February 7, 2009
Someone who is a right little bitch and whines at everything, usually kills the mood and over-reacts at jokes by sulking and throwing tantrums. Most snickerpusses will get even worse when you call them a snickerpuss. Mostly girls or feminine males.
Boy 1: You guys are so mean to me all the time and i just let you. I can't help it if i'm a nice guy! It hurts me on the inside.
Boy 2: Brenno, stop being such a snickerpuss.
by nobodyofconsequence September 20, 2011
Snickerpuss is a duo. A couple of men bangin’ out groove-heavy bass and crankin’ electronic beats with the aid of synthetic backing tracks recorded at SNICKERPUSS Studios. Inspired by artists like Beck and Fat Boy Slim, SNICKERPUSS decided to cover electronic music like Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, The Beastie Boys and The Crystal Method because they build up and rock out hypnotic high-energy dance beats with structured vocal arragements. Audiences dancing to these electronic covers at our live shows and fondly remembering hits of the New School genre demonstrate the appreciation of those who appreciate entertainment . The covers performed at our live shows compliment the driving force behind SNICKERPUSS originals, creating twice the action on the dance floor. This Seattle-based duo has captured the essence of technology groove, as displayed in songs from the "Bitter Like Spinach" EP released in 2007, along with new tracks from their upcoming album "Getto Technology". SNICKERPUSS delivers a musical diversity that is preferred by audiences who appreciate entertainment. Follow their musical journey and be introduced to a high energy, electronic dance, groove- heavy production. SNICKERPUSS looks forward to seeing you at our future live performances
We have the same attitude as Lisa from the Simpsons-- R U a Snickerpuss
by snickerpuss April 23, 2010