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Little pieces of scrap paper or fabric left over after cutting something out.
"Pick the snibbles up off the floor."
by Kaiya January 31, 2007
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It means just a little. Other words include: Snabble, Tibble, Nablet, Toblet, Migdnet.
Guy: I want some of your pizza bizzatch

girl: Yeah, but only a tad snibble.
by Mister Poppy May 28, 2009
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The act of sucking and nibbling simultaneously. Usually pertaining to the body, but could relate to any tangible object.
Man, i'd love to snibble on Veronica's luscious jugs. They're practically screaming to be snibbled upon!
by Tom Madden November 16, 2006
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Snibble: {sni-bull} the shuffle with your rear in order to move
That Fish is snibbling across the tank!

(S)He just snibbled up to me for a kiss!
by polecatsfan June 16, 2010
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