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1. The glorious complexion of young and beautiful people.

2. A characteristic usually sought out by model scouts in need of a fresh face.
Becky: "Oh my god, that girl has the glow! She looks like an angel."
by littleredhat December 15, 2015
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the couple of hours after a salvia trip when everything is just peachy
the glow was almost better than my trip; i was so happy and chill.
by chelseaabcdefg October 13, 2007
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When a person playing a video game is so involved, so focused that they only have sights for the screen, then maybe, just maybe, they will get β€œthe glow”. You know the glow when you see it. When someone has the glow, they are so in the zone that any outside interruption will throw them completely off, and they could respond with violent repercussions.

The first recorded time someone had the glow was in Hollywood, California in 1999 when Billy Mitchell completes the first-ever perfect game of Pac-Man.
β€œHey what’s up with Johnny?”
β€œQuiet, bro! He’s been trying to beat a Halo CE Lassi campaign speedrun! He’s almost done, and man, he has the glow!”
by FirstClassRejekt January 08, 2019
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When a girl has the glow you could pick them out from a crowd of 300 people in less than a second. They just look that good. You cant describe the glow but if they have it you will know.
(The glow cannot be seen in pictures)
Holy shit Jerome, look at that girl, she has the glow.
by BadassFaxSpeaker January 09, 2020
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