Someone who has great taste, or have a great additude and are very stylish
He's snazzy
by Moist chocolate chip December 01, 2017
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A word to describe someone who is pretty and is just all round perfection.
Person 1: have you seen Chloe? Person 2: no why?
Person 1: she's looking very snazzy
by rminter November 14, 2017
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meaning of greatness, savage coolness. word originated in biblical times.
"hey Mary, thats a snazzy manger!"
"Jesus, those are some snazzy sandals!"
by Dr. Harry Gorgonzola March 24, 2008
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"Snazzy" means cool, or good. Commonly used by those hipster girls in year seven, when they describe the Flume concert last night or someone's hair.
Saying this word is basically social suicide.
Hipster Year Seven: Hey, did you see those tights I got from H&M?

Other Hipster Year Seven: Yeah! They were sooooo snazzy!
Everyone Around Them: *groans and rolls eyes*
by Xander F March 29, 2013
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