a combination of snappy and jazzy. to show something's just too hip for one word to contain it.

usually used by soccer moms and people that like to use really lame adjectives to describe things because no one else will.
guy1: so, you like my new pants? i think they're snazzy.

guy2: really? i just think you're a twat.
by tofubot November 05, 2004
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a spicey hip term meaning..thats so cool, so rockin awesome! pimping! its snazzy.

another cool way to say it....snazzay. as in...snaz-A. very pimp dude.
that is such a snazzy car my brother.

snazzy is a cool word.
by K February 27, 2004
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someone who dresses super-fly, is wearing a certain article of clothing slash accessory, or even a person as a whole that is bedazzling, flashy, funky, stylish, a gizelle, psychadelic, perhaps whimsical, and even posh in all the best ways.
1. nikki iadanza
2. example: "that zebra print dress is the definition of SNAZZY"
by snazzy biche July 10, 2008
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Snazzy is something you should call yourself, you lil shit. Snazzy is going to Subway and getting a free cookie, that shit is snazzy.
Guy1: You got a free subway cookie?
Guy2: Yee, its snazzy
by TailsTheFox009 June 26, 2015
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When something/someone is snazzy, it means that they are fantabulicious. Too much for the world to handle. On a scale from 1-10, 100000
by Miss Grier March 25, 2015
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When someone or something has a very chill awesome vibe to them/it.
Person 1: Woah, look at that dude in the sunglasses!
Person 2: Yeah he looks pretty snazzy.
via giphy
by justsomeweirdo September 15, 2019
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