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Northern Ireland slang for Snot, Bogies, boogers in particular the runny outstream from the nose during a cold.
"Don't wipe your snatters on your sleeve!"
by FatFrankie November 06, 2007
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A snatter is a slang-word for bogey/what comes out of your nose when you sneeze.

Also, to get snattered means to get drunk out of your tree.
Ewww look at the snatter coming outta his nose!


She was so snattered last night that she fell down a load of steps.
by EggsAndToastEire February 15, 2009
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The act of attempting to shit but coming up short by just farting.
One sits on a toilet with all intentions of shitting. Everything is in line... all your normal bodily signals are telling you it's time to shit. But then you realize your just snatting...aka your farting your brains out to no avail... the shit just isn't going to come out. At this point you count your loses, shrug your shoulders and yell SNATTERS!
by SNATTERS January 29, 2010
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