A quick little fart that feels like a rubber band flick on one’s perineum.
I love bubbly water, but those snappers get me every time!
by LavaExcelsior October 23, 2019
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noun; a pipe with a bowl big enough for one hit that one would be able to snap. often used for one good hit of tobacco.
Pack the snapper and pass it this way please.
by lovessthebeach November 03, 2009
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An exclamation said after a time where somthing you spent a lot of time and effort on was going your way and then in a second all hopes of becoming successful in that particular field are gone.

The most appropriate time for Snappers to be used is when the conclusion is forgone, however the parties are double blind to this fact until the end of the event, AND when more severe language is not particularily condoned.
Colleague One: I just spent 4 hours with the client who said he would sign the deal, only to find out that his boss had already signed with our competitor.

Colleague Two: Fu- (looks around, sees their boss)- SNAPPERS!
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The act of taking both your index fignger and thumb at the same time and inserting them into the anus as far as possible. Then using them to make a finger snapping motion (most ofen causing pleasure).
-I'm gonna pull the snapper on you
-She got the snapper
by Udog8 November 16, 2004
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When you put your thumb in the pussy, your middle finger in the ass hole and snap your fingers together.
Take of your pants so I can give you a snapper.
by Sean, Jarrod and Bubba June 10, 2004
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As in the great Irish film, The Snapper: The daughter's pregnant belly is referred to as the Snapper...Ah, he or she's a real Snapper!
by Petra777 January 05, 2008
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