A Pussy that makes a men nut fast, a wet Pussy, a Pussy that queefs, and a Pussy that grips the dick right
That girl had some good Pussy, so good she made me nut in 5 minutes
by Janeh clark January 20, 2019
A pussy that makes a men nut fast while fucking, a super wet Pussy, a Pussy that grips the dick.
That girl made he nut in 3 minutes,she got some good pussy
by Janeh clark January 20, 2019
she has some good pussy on her
by George Courtney February 23, 2004
a pussy that feels good to you,and is a good and tight: not too juicy.a pussy that is out of shape too big:a pussy that moves and rolls to bring you to climax easy: a pussy you can't get enough of at any time.
her pussy fit tightly on my penis:her pussy was silky and not too wet.her pussy contracted and messaged my penis: her pussy made me climax withit's grip on my penis.her pussy made me want more and more each day.
by Honey Cooler 'B' March 18, 2005
The cause and effect of the girl’s pussy being too good & the guys that get to experience it lose their minds and can’t leave her alone now.
I can't think about anything but my good pussy problems.
by justmetagirlnamed June 11, 2022
Guy 1: ''She is always there when I need her bro''
Guy 2: ''That's some good pussy energy bro''
by Screwyouguysiamgoinghome69 August 6, 2018
Most likely a girl named Kaia, one who drives men crazy
Good Pussy Gyal fi get tingz
by BigBossKaia November 24, 2021