A term for a homosexual. UK
I heard he's a snapper.

Whoa! its snappers-ville in here!
by CLOCK FACE May 16, 2007
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another definition for blow, coke, white, cocaine
Wheres the snapper? You got snapper.
by snakebite September 30, 2006
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a dump.
Possibly originated from shortening "I'll see you guys in a minute i'm gonna go snap my tail off."
"Oh man, pull over the car i need to take a snapper."
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An amateur photographer who pretends to be a professional, derived from the amateur's penchant for simply "snapping" a camera's shutter release button.
Tyra, is the guy taking your picture a professional photographer? No, he's just a snapper.

Cindy, did your photo shoot turn out nice? No, it was awful. That guy was such a snapper.

Sadly, we have no good photos of our wedding because the guy we hired was just a snapper.
by E C Love February 24, 2011
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