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A Snapfish is a conjunction of two words:
Snap; implying a tight, grip like fit of something (think Tupperware lids), and
Fish; referring to the greatest of man's inventions, the pussy.
I had some vaginal intercourse with Mrs. Asia—She has a snapfish, my cock is actually longer and thinner now, huzzah.
by Audiocronic March 19, 2007
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A combination of the application Snapchat and the word selfish. The act of being inconsiderate or selfish with one's snapchat usage. Those who are being snapfish only "open" snaps, never send any of their own, or possibly send snaps of lesser value in return
"Damnit Sheena! You always open my snaps but never send me
anything back! You're SO snapfish."

"Bro 1: Bro, I sent crystal like an 8 sec nudie. She sends me back a 5 sec snap of her face.

Bro 2: Snapfish bro, snapfish.
by EZLN¡yaBasta! November 11, 2014
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