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The part of a stool which is not exited as a complete entity and remains lodged in the anus often requiring excessive wipeage and strain to complete entire removal.As opposed to a 'white angel'.
Looking dismally at the empty toilet roll dispenser Ron could almost guarantee he was in for a snap-off
by Tom 'Ral' Riley February 08, 2008
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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A slang word to describe the perfect vagina for mantaining an erection in that it is small enough to squeeze or snap off your cock keeping the blood in your penis allowing you to maintain an erection. Especially while partying too hard causing ED. Best when frombe, creating the best angle vs. pubic bone senario.
Mickey and JB were enjoying a beer. Mickey remember that JB had left a party for Alpa and did not get any Viagra. JB's retort was this is that girl I told you about with the snap off pussy.
by JB May 19, 2004
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in regards to the popular app Snapchat. a snapoff is a term for challenging someone to a stripping competition. each player takes turns of snapping a picture to the other with an article of clothing removed. the first to become fully naked loses. its a great ice breaker to a fun nude snapchat experience. both players always end up naked in the end. great game!
Shasta challenged sara to a snapoff on snapchat. Sara lost by becoming fully nude first. Shasta decided to continue to shed clothing anyway. in a sense, both were winners
by berkinski March 20, 2017
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