Alpa is the greatest friend that really looks out for her friends and is really creative and outstanding in all her academics. Not only that but her dark side would be that she is quite short. The meaning of Alpa in Hindi means "Tiny or Little" and if you meet one called Alpa, you'll be surprised to how accurate her meaning is just by looking at her height !
Guest: What's your Name?
Alpa: Oh my name is Alpa

Guest: IThe name really does suit you considering how it means short right?
by thatshitsamazing May 22, 2020
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Sanskrit for very little of something. like rare? Definitely not airline pilots association.
Alpa: small, tiny.
by Hema G February 4, 2010
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Tall, gay, humouros, Drow, he lives in the Dark Forest. Part of a homemade reality called Quest 0.
Uncle D-Rizzle: Damn I have no friends.

Shadow: Alpa?

Nova: 🦄🦄
by me_bishhhh June 27, 2017
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An actor who is an imposter of the real al pacino, but is a parody in the movie "tropic thunder"
Alpa Chino tells kirk lazarus: What do you mean you people?
by Hoomzilla September 18, 2008
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Alpa is used to describe a person who touches drunk women and acts like he's drunk. Alpa is also a trashy rapper
Eg. Yo did you hear that new guy's rap song it sounds like Alpa's its so trashy
by 27killalover September 25, 2022
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