When a man does not wash after coitus, and walkes around with a chotch full of love juices.
Max from TMZ is a butter smuggler.
by Larito Longlove December 21, 2011
A person who is willing to hold jizzum in their rectal cavity to cross international lines, which is illegal to take biological matter to other counties. This is a big biz in S.E Asia.
Wow, if you did'nt know him you would think munch is a big cum smuggler
by joey k February 10, 2005
A woman with breasts so outrageously large, she appears to be smuggling pumpkins beneath her blouse.
Jeremy:"Check out the chick in produce, Dude! Total pumpkin smuggler!"

Jeremiah:"Dayum! Somebody inventory the pumpkins! Security!"
by Mo Dixley August 24, 2011
A woman with big breasts under a tight shirt giving the impression of ballons being smuggled
hey dude check out that balloon smuggler over there....lets tag her
by adam April 6, 2005
In the US, Interstate 5 is unofficially the drug smuggler's highway. A border-to-border route, it connects at it's Northern end with the southern suburbs of Vancouver, BC. From BC, come huge amounts of weed (unofficially, marijuana is the province's largest cash crop). At the route's southern end, it connects with Tijuana, where cocaine finally makes its way into the US after a long journey. In between are LA and San Fran, 2 places where a lot of the world's chemically produeced drugs- meth and extacy, etc- come from.
by I-5 September 12, 2006
the act of funneling your own vomit into another person's asshole. Named for the high school it was first performed at.
by kathytrohman May 4, 2006
A guy/girl having hard nipples showing through their shirt.

Nipples have a wrinkly texture like raisins when they totally hard.
Hey, did you see Stacey's nipples?

Yeah, she's a raisin smuggler.
by Tank ass February 15, 2009