the nickname for a person named Smith
"there goes Smudger again, always after 'is 'oggins"
by theWestHamfan October 22, 2003
Person, male or female, who uses and frozen poo as a dildo.
Did you see in Bob's freezer he must be a smudger which all that frozen poo.
by Lynette Archer January 22, 2007
A turd that once layed requires almost a whole roll of toilet paper to clean up after.
"When you go to the shops get some more TP, ive just done a smudger and used the last roll".
by Top Logger July 23, 2009
A universal (curse)word. Can be used for anything.
You're such a smudger.
by Jacoboo January 22, 2009
A less that effective type of toilet tissue which redistributes rather than removes your flithy mess.
Has anyone got any dump smudger, I've got a turtles head and am about to autograph my underpants with the poo crayon
by ponkyboy October 15, 2004
gayest of them all top millwall fun massive dong and lives at the den always seen with no gilrls life long virgin only shags the millwall badge
alfie smudger smith just bottled some malt