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You can find this pretty country in the centre of Europe. Lithuania is famous for making very delicious beer, hot girls and good basketball team.Although there are much more famous things but these 3 are the most important ones.
Lithuanians should thank for some nations (for example: for SSRS, Poland) for the breaking own Lithuanian's past.
The language of Lithuania is established as one of the most euphonious in the world.
Capital - Vilnius
English: I love you Lithuania, my Motherland!
The same in Lithuanian: As tave myliu Lietuva, Tevyne mano!
by axellis June 7, 2006
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It is equal to e-mail or email or electronic mail.
- Hey, John, can you tell me your @mail, please?
- Of course, Dick. You can write me to *******.*******.**
by axellis March 21, 2007
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The shorther form of "somebody"
Alex! i think smb is coming downstairs!
by axellis June 9, 2006
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