sMS or Short Mans Syndrome: a mental and physical affliction medically grouped in the Social Tempestuous Discards of human ailments or (STDs), caused by spiral-shaped spirochete bacterium, Treponema pallidum.

The disease has been known under many names during history, including the "French disease" and the "Great Spanish Pox".

sMs has had a prominent role in history and literature for the last several hundred years.

The route of transmission of sMS is almost always through excessive alcohol consumption. However, there are examples of congenital sMS via transmission from mother to child in utero.

The signs and symptoms of sMS are numerous; before the advent of serological testing, precise diagnosis was very difficult.

In fact, the affliction was dubbed the "Great Imitator" because it was often confused with other diseases.

sMS can be easily treated with blunt trauma to the knee’s or scalp. The oldest, and still most effective, method is an intraanal injection of a foot.

If not treated, sMS can cause serious effects such as damage to the heart, aorta, brain, eyes, marriage, friend, WoW and bones. In some cases these effects can be fatal.

In 1998, the complete genetic sequence of T. pallidum was published which may aid understanding of the pathogenesis of sMS.

Friend 1: My god that short guy is so annoying?
Friend 2: Leave Miguel alone he has sMS!
Friend 1: oh my we should be nice to him then you know what they say
Friend 1&2: "Friends don't let Friends be gnomes"
by Ibal El-Miski June 13, 2007
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SMS is using short words that you are too lazy to type.
some sms words:
brb = be right back
btw = by the way
by YetAnotherDavid April 10, 2006
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Suck me slow.
suck me sideways

instead of sayin like "fuck you" or an emphasis to "wat ever"
"nigga i hear that bitch burned you?! lol"

" man what ever nigga sms! no homo"
by chelsea price October 21, 2007
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Single Malt Snob.

Somone who drinks expensive products solely to look rich to other people.

Jay-Z is such a SMS he couldnt tell the difference between Moonshine and the Goose.
by Iamthewombler April 10, 2009
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Small Man Syndrome - A small man with a big attitude to make him appear bigger.
He's an asshole because he has sms
by jackiefm May 27, 2016
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SMS = Smirks silently.

We all know nobody actually lol's when they lol.
The more appropriate term would be to type 'sms'. Because I'm sure you smirk at the computer screen a lot. But laughing out loud is a little too much.
"...And then she totally slapped the shit out of him."

by 100 Percent Cotton August 14, 2008
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The next phase of the origional* acronym: Social Media Savey

*Derived from Short Message
The next phase of the origional* accronym: Social Media Savey

Adjective: Knowledgable of the IoT (Internet of Things), digital communication and technology; adept at interfacing between the real world and the world wide web, and; an awarenes of the real world they live in.
eg. “In no time at all they colated a ballanced view over a sensative subject, into a recuring online publication with text, images and videos. J is well SMS”

Noun: The SMS's

A group of people whoes esistance will be as short lived as the origional meaning.
They are predominantly the group of people who had phones at school long before the concept of 4g networks and data. Growing up at the begining of the internet and computer revolution and now having more worldly experiance the SMS's are the most adept and juggling the interface between the real world and the world wide web. However, as the rate of change is so fast and it is not uncommon to see smart phones being used by people who didnt grow up with colour TV and it is second nature to anyone joining the developed world now . The necessity to define Them will diminish and They will cease to exist.

The only saving grace for the SMS’s is if navigation between the real world and the world wide becomes viewed as a skill and a new industry is born… did that already happen?
by CrowdLeader December 27, 2016
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