A Malaysian slang, commonly used by teenagers. It describes someone who is strong and muscular. It was actually originated by the word 'Besar Bodoh' (meaning the person or it is huge) turn to 'Besar Do' ('Do' as in Bodoh as in Stupid) and lastly to Sado.
A muscular guy passing by.
Abg Kacak : Dude! look at that dude's figure! Sado sial!!
Another guy : Ikr.

Sial = something like stupid dumbass, but through the above conversation the person really didn't meant it.
here's an example on something similar e.g ;

Dude : man tht motherf**ker is huge! (again in that conversation the person didn't really insult to what he was pointing at)
by HazPlay November 2, 2010
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Pronounced " Say-doe"

"Sado" is a nickname, used to describe the best rapper in a small town. A "Sado's" biggest passion is music and they will do anything to achieve their goals. "Sado's" can make lit beats, write raps, and get turnt. They often get their heart broken, but they use that as inspiration to further their music career. Although "Sado's" love to keep to themselves and their close friends, they enjoy meeting new people and fans. A " Sado" dreams to change the world, and without a doubt, one day he he will. Everyone needs a friendly "Sado" in their life.
Sado dropped Doomzday , its amazing !

I love Sado, and his music.
by SVK September 3, 2016
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This is a name derived from the name Saied, It means to be happy; or also lucky.

This is a very cool uncommon name. There is also a Island Named after Sado.

Sado Islands off the coast of Japan.
Hey Sado, Whats up man, are you going to fly to the Sado Islands.
by Sadoooo July 24, 2008
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Sado is a funny girl who works at the macdonalds because she doesn’t make sense. She has the funniest laugh ever. those are her only redeeming qualities.
Omg what the fuck is that funny ass laugh?
its just sado
oh. fuck that girl
by doodoojay May 13, 2020
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Just another term for idiot, loser
Look at what she is doing, shes such a sado!
by Angel9t9 August 15, 2004
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Suck A Dog Off. used as an insult, or to signify someone is full of shit.
Alpha: dude, im so awesome
Beta: SADO
by Raevn September 8, 2007
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