getting pants-shitting drunk; absolutely shitfaced.
"Girl..over this long weekend were going to get absolutely smoshed!"
by Katherine Foley March 17, 2008
When you act like Anthony and/or Ian from Smosh, the most popular people on Youtube (maybe the internet).
Dude, John, haha, you're smoshing again
by Kevinthetrooper June 21, 2008
Name the creators go by of the over played (but still fantastic) pokemon/mortal combat lip sync which is seen practically everywhere. These two pranksters (better known as Ian and Anthony) are best known for their short movies which they publish regualy on thier website. Followed by a large fan base of emo girls and stoners, it'll be no surprise if one day these guys are on mtv.
Anna: OMG Anthony from smosh is like soooo hot
Sarah: Nooo way Ian is waaayy hotter OMG LOL k bye.
by JackieXX May 5, 2006
Smosh is a comedy duo on Youtube and Their famous for making short videos. They are also #3 most subscribed on Youtube. Smosh (Also known as Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) started on Youtube November 19, 2005, now they are stars.
Emily: Lets go to!
Alex: Ok!
by ShwamYT July 14, 2009
Anthony Padilla pronounced puh-dee-uh and Ian Hecox pronounced hee-cox created smosh. they make videos and post them on they are the creators of not just a place..but a place with stuff. they sell merchandise on there. they are simply the best, most fashionable clothing. the duo are very talented, and simple the HOTTEST 18 soon to be 19 yr olds ever!
and so lyke yea i smosh everyday
by mkayyy August 20, 2006
A comedy duo made back in 2005. These two people are Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Back in 2001, Anthony made a website named, which had up to 1400 users in 2004. Ian and Anthony started their channel when they were 18. Anthony has a fiance named kalel cullen, they got engaged in japan on june 30th, they broke up in November. Ian was dating melanie moat 2007-September 2014. Smosh have been working on a smosh movie during the month of June 2014. They attended every vidcon. And they were also the first youtube channel to reach 10 million subscribers.
Me:Smosh is the best channel.
Girl:Nope, pewdiepie is.
Girl:Damn, calm down!!
by KittyCat3402 December 13, 2014
smosh stands for SuperMaleOdorSuperHemorhoid
by EverlastinAshleeey January 14, 2012