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One of the funniest, smartest, sexiest, most talented men alive. The co-creator of Smosh, along with Anthony Padilla, who is also funny, sexy, and talented. Ian has AMAZING blue eyes that will make any girl fall in love instantly. He also has his own YouTube channel, IanH, where he has three weekly series, Ian is Bored (every Monday), Lunchtime with Smosh (every Thursday), and Smosh Pit Weekly (every Saturday).
Girl #1: If you could date any guy, who would it be?
Me: Ian Hecox, duh. Have you seen his eyes?
by SmosherForever January 04, 2012
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Ian along with Anthony created smosh,also cute funny and very talented
Ian Hecox is really funny and everyone loves him especially in "that Damn Neighbor
by smoshluver May 27, 2008
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