To Smool", To attempt obvious fraudulent behaviour equipped with the wit and guile of a blind leper with downs syndrome. Derived from the noun "Smoolery" and has spawned terms such as "Smoolishness" "Smooling" and "Smooltacular". Can be combined with popular suffixes and phrases for greater effect as in: "Epic Smool" "Smoolicious" and "Smooleriffic"
I sold a guy a couple watches and when he got the package he said there was nothing in the package, he tried to smool me out of $680.

Smool me once, shame on me. Smool me twice welcome to the Gulag.
by CynikalMindset May 17, 2011
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Someone who is the embodiment of a cool person whom is also small. Smool = small and cool
by Nix_ May 06, 2019
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