literal (smoke)

someone who doesn't smoke in the same room or apartment where their computer is might type this in conjunction with BRB to indicate that they're breaking from whatever online interaction they having with another person or persons over the internet for at least the duration of time it takes them to smoke a cigarette. ~ 4-10min.
brb, smk.
by ]23[]D(())//\\//\\a[]\[] July 23, 2012
Short for "syg min kyk" which means suck my dick. The abbreviation was originally from Tycho Braheskolan Helsingborg, Sweden but got viral last summer (2015).
A: Gimme 5 bucks and I'll suck ya dick boy.
E: rly? smk *gives $*.
A: Aiiight *deep throats*.
by A-kerman May 22, 2016
Abbreviation for Slagsmålsklubben , an awesome Swedish electronic band.
by C26000a January 18, 2008
Shake my Kasia.

(Smk) is in great honour of the amazing polish supermodel Kasia Struss.
Guy 1: I love Natasha Poly
Guy 2: Smk. She sucks!
by Keith Tbh December 30, 2011
a very large and dangerous street gang located in san mateo CA who spend most of their time fighting drinking and having sex
wow man! im never having a party again... smk took over and impregnated my sister
by huliaan July 25, 2008
Super minecraft Kid ( the most cringe thing on all of youtube)
Have you seen smk

ya my ear drums exploded from all the screaming though.
by Super MinecraftKid February 2, 2016
SMK-Suck My Kiss
a song by the Red Hot Chili peppers
Your Mouth Was Made To Suck My Kiss.
by John Fru September 5, 2003