1. To be fucked from heroin.
2. To be really high on a 'smacky' MDxA pill, mad eye-wobbles, too fucked too do anything but sit there, definately no dancing, talking can usually still be performed.
3. To be really tired and shit. Usually after drugs or the morning after smoking alot of chronic.
1. "That Hammer Addict looks hella smacked out."
2. "Man, this pill has fully 'smacked me out', I'm fucked up."
3. "I feel fully smacked out today."
by Diego September 04, 2003
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verb; adjective; noun

1. What you do when you are in a heavy drug-related intoxication. This may be you passing out, or carrying out extreme, wierd and funny behaviour.

2. The point after taking a pill when you take a hit.

3. An annoying light-weight.
1. "Ha, look at him talking to the microwave, he is fully smacking out"

2. "This is a great pill, I'm completely smacking out"

3. "Look at him, he's only had 2 pints and a joint, and his behaviour is causing me great annoyance. He is such a smack out."
by my-problem-box June 08, 2007
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reach male orgasm via masturbation, especially as done within a time limit or before another activity
I usually like to smack one out before going to bed each night.
by smackingoneout February 28, 2012
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Beat someone mercilessly for an obscure act. Severe punishment for doing something illegal or bad behavior.
John cracked an inappropriate joke on Jake's girlfriend, Jake smacks the fuck out of john.
by REDOXNINJA February 03, 2016
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