to ejaculate; especially on the face of the recipient
And then i had to run because i smirched in her eye.
by Niggs January 08, 2006
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When one goes to workout and gets their muscles pumping.
Bro1: Bro I'm looking hella smirched right now.
Bro2: Fire
by mirininc June 19, 2017
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To look down upon in a condescending way especially in the instance of mistakes in grammar and language misuse. A derogatory rebuttal primarily used by the illiterate, uneducated, and under or unappreciated genius.
"Yo tyrrany under any democracy ain't no joke. Black lives matter. Don't no fools they take us for."said hassym. "your language usage is attrociously obscene." Said Robert. Hassym answered back, "yo don't be smirching."
by Dogwood27 January 03, 2021
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A wet smirch is when someone is put in a world of pain. No one ever wants to be in wet smirch.
Donald trump put Hilary Clinton into wet smirch. 9/10 people have experienced wet smirch.
by max rodgers January 24, 2017
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