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1. A nonsense word that just sounds funny

a. A pet's name

b. A modern name for a child

c. A Tourette's syndrome outburst.

2. A common misspelling of Captain Hook's sidekick


1:Strategy for Managing the Environmental Effects of Fishing

2.Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation:


1: smeefsmeef: Tyler Robert Oxley's internet username for everything.

2: smeefypedia: Smeef's club started in 2007

1a: "sit, Smeef, sit. Good dog."
1b: My child's name? "Smeef."
1c: What time do I work ... SMEEF! ... tomorrow? ... ... Smeef!!!

2: (From the 1953 Disney movie, "Peter Pan") Peter Pan: For the last time, Mr. Smeef, take the princess back to her people!



2. google SMEEF

INTERNET: (google these)

1: smeefsmeef youtube

smeefsmeef twitter

smeefsmeef myspace

2: smeef wetpaint
by Orangesmeefminky October 17, 2010
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A type of rancid fart that exits through the penis.
Anthony decided to smeef in Brian's mouth because Brian likes men.
by Harry Ballzonya June 06, 2006
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Approaching an unsuspecting person from behind and grasping their face, near the edges of the mouth, and pulling back/stretching the person’s lips for several seconds to make their face look hilarious to anyone seeing them from the front. The puller yells “smeeeef!” During the act to attract attention and maximum
*grabs friend’s face*


Oh shit, dude. You got smeefed so bad! Your lips look really chapped now!
by Wallyballysally March 24, 2019
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A queef where semen shoots out of the vagina; a semen queef.

Semen + queef = Smeef
1. "I knew she was cheating on me when I went down on her and she smeefed all over my face."

2. "You can't smeef in here, you'll take somebody's eye out!"
by Scrappy McSmeefy January 19, 2009
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A word that means absolutely nothing but is fun to say, usually referring to another person or friend.
It is also what a smurf's queef is called.
"yo smeef, did you hear that smurf's smeef just now"
by buttsnstuff November 01, 2016
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Queef + Smegma. When you have sex with a cheesy dick and feel the gassy aftermath.
I banged a hobo and now I feel a smeef coming on.
via giphy
by Smeefmaster_flex June 14, 2016
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