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"Smear the Queer" is a childhood game of tag involving an object that is held by the "it" kid until he is tackled and forced to give it up.
"Smear the Queer" How it Works: The kid who has the ball (or stick, or balled up shirt, or whatever object is used) is "it" and therefore the "queer". The rest of the kids chase the "it" kid down until he is tackled (usually in a dog pile fashion). The caught kid then tosses the object away where the other kids gather around it and wait to see who has the guts to pick it up and start running. There is a big advantage to being quick on the pickup so as to get a better running start. There are no scores and no one "wins". It is a childhood game of bravado designed to blow off boyhood energy.

Note #1: I use the masculine to describe the participants because I have yet to meet a woman who's played this game.

Note #2: The use of the word "queer" is not homophobic in this game. It's used as catchy name to describe the game. The "queer" in this sense is just the kid who's it. Because it's completely voluntary to be the "queer", and being the "queer" requires a certain amount of bravery, it is not used in the derogatory in this this particular usage.
by CB2000 May 12, 2008
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Played with an object that can be tossed and easily carried such as a balled up t-shirt, football, or shoe.

Play starts when object is thrown into the air. Players may either snatch object out of the air or wait until it lands. If the object lands, the person closest to it MUST pick it up. (Group will use judgement, or someone who wants it can just pick it up.) Once a player is in posession of the object, they try not to get tackled. Once tackled, the object is thrown into the air (or at a particular person) and the game starts over. Play usually ends when everyone is tired or when someone gets hurt.
I am feeling really hyper and have a lot of energy, so lets get a group together and play smear the queer!!!
by mopheadcellist July 26, 2009
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A national pastime for everyone but San Fransicans.

Football game where whoever has the ball is the "queer" you you tackle, "smear" the bajebus out of him
by WaCha McWang December 06, 2003
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A game, played with a football, taught by all good fathers to their sons and daughters.
I play smear the queer with all my kids.
by Bumkicker Slade April 30, 2005
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Well known homophobic recess game in which the person with the ball ("the queer") runs away from everyone else, who do their best to tackle their friend and become the new "queer." Game is known for having a title that rhymes.
by T-Dog jenkins February 20, 2005
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A homophobic (though not always overtly so) name for a rather homoerotic game.

Example: Billy didn't mind being the queer, in fact he enjoyed being dogpiled by the other boys.

Note: While often thought of as a "boy's game" I personally have seen girls playing Smear the Queer, though I don't recall ever seeing a co-ed game; which really just hightens the feel of homoerotisism.
by hbgnmsjyhgfgdxf January 11, 2009
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