One of the best Gamecube games ever. It's the best Resident Evil game so far. It star Leon Kennedy on a mission to rescue the president's daughter. If you have a gamecube you should go out and buy it right away. If you have a Playstation 2 you can buy it in a few months. If you have an X-Box you should get one of the other video game systems just to play this game. It is so worth it.
by Johndis January 17, 2005
a very well made game with lots of replayability and a large fun factor. Plays more like an action game than a survival horror game but since its fun to play it doesnt matter much.
Resident evil 4 is one of the best games of 2005 and pretty much the best overall gamecube game.
by Blind_assassin September 27, 2005
A game that kicks so much ass it needs to import some cheap ones from 3rd world countries.
"Holy shit! Did you see that crazy fisherman's wife's head explode when I stamped on it? Sweet..."
by sam January 19, 2005
Latest game to come from Capcom. Stars Leon Kennedy. So far only for the GC.
RE4 will kick ass. You can do so much shit in that game it's not funny... it's awesome
by chrisguy May 7, 2004
A very, very kickass game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Starring ex-S.T.A.R.S. member Leon Kennedy. Some fucktards hate this game because it's different than the other RE games. Don't listen to them. With loads of blood, gore, violence, and language, RE4 should shut up the people who bash the GCN because of it's "kiddy" reputation.
I almost shit myself the first time I fought a regenerator.
by sonicsmash May 5, 2005
The best resident evil game ever. Your weapons have lasers for u to aim and blow guys' heads off. The AI is smarter than some slow dumass zombie. There are also tight unlockable weapon as well as 2 minigames after beating the game. Takes about 20 hours to beat and has great replay value. It is worth the money.
Resident evil 4 has no zombies this doesn't look scary...ahh shit a chainsaw whore just chopped my head off. DAYUM!
by dimsum88 March 18, 2005
Though a lot of people bitch about a departure from the original resident evil trilogy, this game incorporates a new and fresh twist to the series. The writers leave the concept of the T-virus and the G-virus behind, and instead pursue the story of a religious cult in rural Spain that have resurrected body controlling parasites called Las Plagas.

Leon S. Kennedy, the protagonist of Resident Evil 4, is the main character in this game. As Leon, you will have to navigate through a village, a castle, and an island, all while protecting the president's daughter Ashley Graham (who for some reason cannot hold a damn gun and help you out in the game) and while resisting corruption from one of the parasites that was injected into him in the early part of the story.

The game, is absolutely amazing, and is a must to anyone that owns a Nintendo Gamecube, PS2, or Wii.
Dude 1: man just had a dream about humans that had been mutated into either mindless savages, giants, partially invisible insects, and regenerators that can heal themselves!

Dude 2: thats the epitome of Resident Evil 4 man
by yello!!! July 7, 2009