2 definitions by turaligo

An arrogant and ignorant person who believes every inch of the United States that's not within 300 miles of the ocean is desolate wasteland.
Like a typical coast monster, Nathan had never been further inland than Sacramento.
by turaligo December 19, 2014
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People with small dick energy carry themselves like they have a really embarrassing secret that they're terrified of other people knowing. They often spend lots of time and energy trying to project a sense of confidence that rings hollow.

It has nothing to do with actual dick size and everything to do with an inability to respect and be at peace with yourself regardless of what other people think of you.
John wouldn't project such small dick energy if he could just take some time to relax, be at peace with himself, realize where his worth really comes from, and stop caring so much about other people's opinions.
by turaligo January 13, 2022
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