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To smaggle is to waggle your rear end while discoing. It's a very common action among people who are not so great at dancing.
Darron: Dude, did you see what Clara did at the dance?!

Joe- Oh god, I know right! She did a smaggle because she was so happy after Chris asked her to dance!!
by yukialicious July 25, 2011
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The act of haggling someone with sexual favors. Persuading them to give you something by seducing them. Often used by students, renters, etc.
She wouldn't give me the remote so I smaggled her for it. Afterwards though, I didn't really need it. I crashed and she watched whatever she watches at night.

Mrs. Anderson wouldn't give me an A on my paper because she said there were too many loose ends. So I smaggled her to bump it up to at least a B+. I probably could have gotten an A if I had an extra inch or two.

I bought this book the other day "Smaggle" it teaches you about the art of using sex to get what you want.
by Anonymystical January 14, 2012
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1. A cute creature, found primarily in small towns like Petaluma; 2. a sexy beast with shaved legs; 3. the epitome of metroness.
"OMG, it's smaggles. Run for your f***ing lives!!!!(Rofl)"
by Smags May 25, 2009
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The adjective used to describe the action of being on a moving train.
Ok gotta get smaggling to work!
by Suze Boo October 06, 2004
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