To overly admire another individual. Usually sarcastic, it is used to notify and embarrass the 'sluper' who is highly regarding or adoring the other person. Can be used if one person is good friends with another person too.
Chris: I really like Mike. He's a good kid.
Jay: Yo, stop slurping Mike, guy.

Jay: You spend a lot of time with Mike. All you two do is slurp each other.


Chris: I really like her.
Jay: You're sluprin' this chick. Stop being a faggot.

by jamison243 October 22, 2008
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The act of consuming an alcoholic beverage with the goal of becoming intoxicated.
"Pass me some slurp"
"Where we slurping tonight boys"
by Mitch69bitch October 14, 2018
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means getting head/fellatio from a male or female, another word for oral sex
Kim Kardashian gave Ray J them slurps in their sex tape.
by ace85 September 23, 2008
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The act of slapping another person with a large pool noodle.
Aaron slurped Lauren until she cried, and admitted that he was her pimp.
by RickyRossTheBoss November 24, 2009
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