Performing oral sex on a female - Eating Pussy
I could not only feel, but hear them slurping between my thighs...
by suziederkins December 19, 2019
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means getting head/fellatio from a male or female, another word for oral sex
Kim Kardashian gave Ray J them slurps in their sex tape.
by ace85 September 24, 2008
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to eat and lick a very wet pussy. to swallow a girls orgasm juice
I slurped her
by clitlickericious November 26, 2008
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when a guy eats out a girl in the 69 position after a guy has ejaculated in the womans butthole or vagina
Gale was slurping some chick in Spain when he realized his friend had ejaculated inside her the night before
by urbdic69 April 28, 2012
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To sarcastically like something, usually if something goes wrong.
Dave: Did you get me more sprite?
Greg: No there's none left.
Dave: Fucking Slurp!

Alex: Dude, my ipod's full, SLURP!

Jeff: I got a D on my final, and it brought my final grade down to a C, slurp...
by Bobert is a hoss January 23, 2010
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Codeine and Sprite, with a jolly rancher mixed together to create legendary Lean.
Usually used by hype rappers who want to get fucked up
Jamal: “Aye dawg you got that slurp? I’m tryna sip mad rn”
Trey: “Hell yeah nigga, double up the styrofoam on that bitch”
by Yung_SavageNigga420 August 23, 2018
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