to eat and lick a very wet pussy. to swallow a girls orgasm juice
I slurped her
by clitlickericious November 26, 2008
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To sarcastically like something, usually if something goes wrong.
Dave: Did you get me more sprite?
Greg: No there's none left.
Dave: Fucking Slurp!

Alex: Dude, my ipod's full, SLURP!

Jeff: I got a D on my final, and it brought my final grade down to a C, slurp...
by Bobert is a hoss January 22, 2010
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To upload or download data, usually at a high rate of speed. Often used in slang to refer to illicitly gathering data -- that is, theft of somebody else's private data, trade secrets, etc.
I downloaded a new app, and it slurped all my data to some site in Outer Mongolia. Now some hacker knows my birthday, Social Security number and all my credit cards.
by s%mebody October 04, 2011
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A slut that sucks more than one cock in a night.
That slurp sucked off the whole krew in less than 2 hours!
by Jumbie Boy September 26, 2006
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The act of giving a straight up tongue MCnasty. In order to slurp one must flail the tongue aimlessly 3 feet in the air and make as many disgusting vulgar sexual sounding noises as possible.
He wasn't ready for she to be a he..and before you could say bratworst.. slurrrrrp! It was too late..he got slurped on.
by Trendspitter July 21, 2017
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A person who likes sucking big, fat, juicy dick. also used to mean that you are sucking them off, to be a kiss ass.
now more commonly used by high schoolers
person 1:first sergeant, you look handsome today.
first sergeant: thank you, ur a corpral now
Person 2: wow what a slurp
by Pv2. all day April 16, 2010
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