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In mma fight, boxing/kickboxing both fighters simultaneously exchange strikes with fist until someone gets knocked out.
watch clay guida and diego sanchez fight. its a slugfest

watch kimbo slice beat up people in backyards. its a slugfest
by kimbo sliced your nuts off February 12, 2010
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An annual corporate event held on a weekday in which drinking commences at 9:00AM sharp, and continues until 5:00PM.

Violators of undocumented rules will be arbitrarily written up according to their role in the company's hierarchy. Known violations include: showing up late, informal dress, and failure to eat the required amount of cheesies off of the floor in the specified time.

Violations are addressed with a minimum of 1.5oz of the least desirable liquor in the room.
Pod's informal dress at the first annual Slugfest warranted a shot of Grappa, resulting in violent vomiting at 9:01AM.
by kev_g December 07, 2008
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According to George Carlin, Slugfest is a festival which is held once a year. 100 000 macho muscle men are gathered and are put inside a big 17-acre dirt arena. For 24 hours non-stop they beat the shit out of eachother, no food or water, they are only given whisky and PCP. When there is one left standing, he is put on a pedestal and shot in the head.
Mikey went to slugfest and got a whisky bottle with PCP in it shoved up his ass.
by jambabeer July 22, 2009
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When someone sends a dick pic in the group chat
Dude, remember when Jake sent his dick in the chat? Damn, that sure was a slugfest.
by octopuslights April 09, 2015
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Noun. gathering where both male and female participants engage in a variety of sexual and monoganous activity. The ultimate slug fest is when anuses are involved and a minimum of double penetration is generally required.

"Jim, Jim's friends, jane, and jane's friends engaging in group sex while influenced by alcohol."

"They'll be lot's of spreading out our slug fest, should I sign you up for one hole or two?"

"Would you like to partake in our slug fest?"
by Mike_7272727 April 21, 2006
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To have sex with multiple in a short period of achieve sexually encounters as fast as you can.
dude, Will had a slugfest with those ladies lastnight. I cant believe the slugfest dude is on!!
by Willmerrell December 06, 2007
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