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Acronym for Fist Your Entire/Extended Family.

1. Synonymous with FYF.
Pod: Huck me a beer.

Kev: FYEF.
by kev_g December 07, 2008
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Acronym for Fist Your Family.

1. Used to express displeasure with one's request.

2. Can also be used in place of FYI when providing information.

3. A synonym for FYEF.
dude1: Hurry up in the shower, we're late for Slugfest.

dude2: FYF!
by kev_g December 03, 2010
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An annual corporate event held on a weekday in which drinking commences at 9:00AM sharp, and continues until 5:00PM.

Violators of undocumented rules will be arbitrarily written up according to their role in the company's hierarchy. Known violations include: showing up late, informal dress, and failure to eat the required amount of cheesies off of the floor in the specified time.

Violations are addressed with a minimum of 1.5oz of the least desirable liquor in the room.
Pod's informal dress at the first annual Slugfest warranted a shot of Grappa, resulting in violent vomiting at 9:01AM.
by kev_g December 07, 2008
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