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That horrible oil that gathers around the edge of a dinner plate whilst eating badly-cooked or cheap canteen food. Unnaturally red or yellow in colour and about as good for your health as a heart attack.
"Hey chef! What's all this sluce doing here?"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
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The kind of nonsence often found in the catering industry . When a slimey customer has a pain in the arse request such as asking for an Eggless omelette or such as asking for all the components on the side dishes...Maybe splitting a bill to the penny for a table of 12.. All kinds of nonsence
Sorry chef, Sluce alert.

She wants her bread gluten free and lightly toasted, only scrambled egg whites well done and her bacon left handed and grilled lightly .

Chef : why am I putting all the components of her granola into separate dishes ??

FoH management : because his child is fussy and the dad is a "Sluceman"
A family of Sluces indeed.

Chef : fair play.. fair play indeed.
by BlackroseChef July 13, 2017
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The dirty swill left on Northeast winter highways when melted precipitation mixes with salt and ash on the roads. It dirties up your windshield.
There's a lot of sluce on the road today .
by Allison Elam February 01, 2017
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To rest one's penis on an unexpecting person's shoulder. Without the second participant knowing.
Look Dave is sluceing the passed out guy at the bar.
by SirHenry October 22, 2015
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