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A combination of a slut, a whore, and a bitch. A female that most people find it very hard to gain a liking towards.
BOB: Dude, Sally is a slorb, just dump her.
DAN : I don't care, I just wanna fuck her titties.
by slorbfuxer June 22, 2009
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A large quantity of something. An amount of something that is above normal.
I grabbed a slorb of watermelon before I went to KFC.
by GCIKID June 19, 2011
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slut-whore-bitch, a person who is a slut, whore, and bitch, just an easier way to say it all in one
OMYGOSH! she is such a slorb!
by kels814 November 08, 2007
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SLUT-WHORE-BITCH became" Slorb". this word is used to describe a extreme female whore. used with caution as the Slorb is a scandelous whore...Noun
Male, look at Trinity the slorb of the town. giving multiple men bj's as a welfare B*tch..ya she's too she's such a Whore. female, look man I hope her career with giving random guy's blow jobs gets her some where all hail Slorb queen..lmao what a stupid hoe!
by Awwsosweet8 January 28, 2018
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