5 definitions by jon vw

Weeklong festival in roskilde, DK. Features a huge list of famous artists, nude race, hippies, condom wagons, dirty tents ect.
- Hey Wags I heard you're going to Roskilde...

- Damn straight!
by jon vw April 17, 2006
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An easy girl to fuck. Sex is presumed to be as rough and bouncy as the alternative sport of the same name.
- Who was that slam ball I saw you with?
- Oh, just some slooter.
by jon vw April 17, 2006
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1: Slightly better than decent

2: Functional

3: A 6-7 out of 10
1: How's that doup taste, Jon?
It's stiga

2: My pencil erasor isn't new or anything, but it's still stiga.

3: Garden state soundtrack? Stiga

4: Hey, Wags, what do you think of that girl?
She's stiga
by jon vw April 12, 2006
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1 noun. pronounced like "soup," doup can substitute for any thick liquid or food.

2 noun/ verb. Refers to poop.
1. You've got doup on your face.
or, refering to a creamy pasta dish: "hows the doup?"
2. I douped on you in the videogame earlier today.
by jon vw April 06, 2006
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