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A slutty hobo, but not a prostitute. This type of person lives in a tent city and gets passed around among the male hobos. She is characterized by her willingness to perform any sexual act, including (but not limited to) fellatio and the cleveland steamer.
Hobo #1: Where are all the womenfolk?
Hobo #2: Perhaps you are referring to the slobo who lives the next tent flap down. She's in my pants.
by Hobo Watcher April 24, 2008
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Erik Nagel aka Erock from 'The Opie & Anthony Show", due to his slobby appearance, deminer, attitude, personality, health and general Nagelness.
Host/caller/friend/family/anyone with eyes: "Slobo!"
by stevenknight March 28, 2013
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One who does not admit defeat even though they have been beaten; used usu. in a derrogatory sense.
From Slobodon Milosovic, Serbian Leader who did not concede defeat in an election even after he had been declared the looser.
by Performaman November 03, 2003
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Adjective; A type of Serbian which possesses values very similar to that of Jewish values i.e. cheap, stingy, greedy, tightwad, thrifty, etc. This type of urban Serb can be found constantly bitching at anything and everything around him.
Tomas: Fuck, the shit came out to $2.57...let's split this three ways.
Pablo: Dude, it's only $2.50, don't be such a can cover it this time.
Cristobal: Yeah man, don't be such a fucking Slobo!
by Marco October 17, 2003
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