Top definition is a game that a guy like Keith or Addison would play.

Slither.oi: Online game that is addicting as fuck it involves snakes eating each other and getting bigger. Soon addicting!
Keith: DUUUDDEEE I almost died playing!
Addison: You suck.
Kate: So true tho!
by Anreaa April 14, 2016
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A jack off buddy (from 'cum' /'come', meaning 'semen', and 'companion'); a friend that you get together with for sessions of solo or mutual masturbation
Variant of: cumpanion (from 'companion' & 'cum'); jack off buddy & wank bud & JO buddy
Similar to: fuck buddy
My bf and I used to really get it on together, but now it's just the occasional cumpadre wank
by Gladys Pipps-Knightley May 14, 2007
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The most fucking addicting game ever, if you don't play it in school you might be a faggot.
Bill: Wanna play some
Roberts: wtf is that?
Bill: kys
by Mr. Starfruit May 06, 2016
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A game that middle schools have become biologically connected to and is way better than english class.
wow even my english teacher is getting guess she must hate her class too

slither io games
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The new game that all the kids play on the school laptops when they are supposed to be taking notes or finishing a test. Like it's predecessors and Minecraft, it is the new most popular game played as a pass time in public schools. The game just came out this year, and didn't gain much popularity until many famous youtubers such as PewDiePie took notice to it and recorded let's play's. Since then, it exploded and is currently one of the most active MMOs as of right now.
"Hey I finished my essay early, you wanna play a round of"
by jizzyisdizzy April 30, 2016
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5 is the new that people play to have fun or relive stress
person 1: i'm done with my work

2:come on lets play a round of
by crimson comet April 28, 2016
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