For fags who have NO life that want to get their assholes fucked by other ass holes that have also gotten their asses fucked all by that one bitch who teamed first and is takeing an advantage of every dickrider that helps him and not anyone else.
He you wanna play
-Ewww lets watch 2 girls and 1 cup while eating nutella instead.
Totally, what was I thinking!?
by YourLord October 17, 2018
A very addictive game around the world. Over 1,000,000 people around the world play even adults. You should go on the Internet and search and play the most addictive game ever made. is the best game I've ever played. OMG!!!!!!! Let's play together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by yagirldebbie November 6, 2015
The new game that all the kids play on the school laptops when they are supposed to be taking notes or finishing a test. Like it's predecessors Minecraft and Powdergame, it is the new most popular game played as a pass time in public schools. The game just came out this year, and didn't gain much popularity until many famous youtubers such as PewDiePie took notice to it and recorded let's play's. Since then, it exploded and is currently one of the most active MMOs as of right now.
"Hey I finished my essay early, you wanna play a round of"
by Th3rd June 23, 2015
A world sensation where kid should be working on there school computers but playing is now more important then there education. And so when teachers say ok take out your computer or go to the computers and take notes on this video then they kids open it up then in a other tab they start playing and when the teacher come the change the tab and teachers dont no how to check all the tabs
Hey Dan wanna play Sure but hold on he is coming
by lollerspoopinmy jellu March 12, 2016
Proof that humans is stupid and why aliens havent come to save me!
DUMBASS player
by SenpaiPotato 1337 error_404 April 20, 2016
Naimish is a player that all the wammen love and wish they could be with him. If you are trying to find him, he is probably at ur mum's house. If he joined an server he would crash the game and eat everyone spontaneously.
"OMG it's naimish. He's so big"

"IKRRRR I wish i had a guy like him"

"I sooo wish i was a mum, then i would be able to hang out with Naimish"
by Owen Sick Lee December 1, 2021