taint, or small space of skin between the rectum and the ball sack.
Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa reports:
"Diane, in a recent skiing accident,local pin-head, James R. Travis, fell on the bindings of his skiis, only to land on his "slim bavis" and nearly rip himself a new asshole. Back to you, Tom and Diane"
by Kaela October 14, 2003
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A device not unlike a shoe-horn designed to guide the penis into the vagina during inter-course. Developed in the late 13th century and used primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe.
Yoshi was so inebriated he had to implement his slim bavis in order to mount his new bride.
by bones November 1, 2003
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Try it instead of "cold day in hell."
(Talk about fun!)
It'll be a fucking slim bavis before I stick my dick in a electrical outlet!
by scianna November 6, 2003
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A male who continually hooks up with psychotic females
Damn, Johnny is such a slim bavis, I can't believe he is dating Marissa!
by Black Francis January 19, 2004
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A drink not unlike a martini made w/ only the finest cordials.
Hand me another slim bavis, ha ha ha!!!
by Dan Jewell October 5, 2003
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