An american Rock band formed in California.
Current line up:

Andy Biersack (lead vocals)
Jake Pitts (lead guitar)
Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson (rythm guitar)
Ashley Purdy (bass guitar)
Christian "CC" Coma (drums)

Black Veil Brides is not "emo" or "goth" or ANYTHING, unless they say they are. The most that any member said, is that they are generally described as "rock music". Which- if you look at past musicians- they are. They are not posers or fakes or just out there for the attention. Yes they say that's a benefit, but they are just five guys doing what they love best. All of them have been playing music since they were young, and all of them have true talent in their own ways.

Don't hate them because they're popular, or you don't particularly like their style. If you genuinely do not like their music, fine, that is your choice, and mature fans respect that. But do not go bashing them excessively for no reason.

And about Andy's name changes:
When he was a teenager and just started the band, he did copy Nikki Sixx. He later changed to "Six" because that is the number on his hockey jersey, and his dad's nickname for him. That was his own thing. His own persona. Recently, he just uses his actual name, "Biersack" because he has grown out of that persona he once needed. He can face the world without that costume.
He never intentionally stole anyone's name.
Plus, Nikki doesn't seem to care, because the band just did a photoshoot with him.
Person 1: Black Veil Brides? Who are they?
Mature fan: Oh they're a rock band. I love them, lemme show you...
Person 1: Oh I dont really like them, but whatever. I guess they'd be ok for other people.
Mature fan: Ok, at least you're polite.
by Dexter R August 28, 2011
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Black Veil Brides members-
Andy Biersack - Singer
Jake Pitts - Guitar
Jinxx - Guitar & Violin
Christian Coma ("CC") - Drums
Ashley Purdy - Bass

Most people enjoy saying that they 'rip off' other bands and are gay emo fags. If you listen to more than 20 seconds of any song, you will find that most songs are relate able and help people.

For example, "Saviour" is about how Black Veil Brides, or BVB, will always be there for their fans when they need it.

People enjoy saying that they rip off Motley Crue and KISS, when in fact, BVB looks up to them as the group's idols.

The group is called "screamo" "gay" and "faggy". As Andy, Jake, Jinxx, CC, and Ashley have said in many interviews, they are simply rock and roll. If you find them screamo, and calling them screamo makes you happy, so be it.
If people find them emo that's great because emo means emotional. And yes, their songs hold a lot of emotion in them.

This group simply wants people to express themselves in a positive way without harming themselves or others. If people do not like BVB you should not 'bash' them because this band has truly helped some people from killing themselves. It has helped hundreds of people, and people should not declare them 'horrible' after listen to 2 second of their most popular song, "Knives And Pens".

All in all Black Veil Brides is a group worth listening to and if you have problems or are ever feeling alone, the Black Veil Brides Army and group will be there.
Hater: Ugh what are you listening to that's horrible music!
Fan: That's Black Veil Brides. Don't call them horrible, I wouldn't be alive right now if I had never heard them and realized.. I wasn't alone
Hater: Whatever they still suck
Fan: Calls other fans and they stuff hater in a trash can
by IOweBVBMyLife March 21, 2012
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Black Veil Brides is an American rock band based out of Hollywood, California. The group is composed of Andrew Biersack (lead vocals), Ashley Purdy (bass, backing vocals), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Jinxx (guitar, violin), and Christian "CC" Coma (drums).

Yeah they do dress excentric and they may be compared in a similar light to other bands but they are making music that to quite a substantial amount of people makes a difference to them. Is this something that should be criticised? HELL NO! As the saying goes haters gon hate but please go do it in the somewhere else. yes everyone is entitlied to an opinion but when opinions become hatred towards a group of people then quite frankly the opinion is neither intelligent nor necessary. It is haters who cause the majority of problems in this world. Carry on with your own lives without moaning about how others live theirs. BVB carry on doing what you do like everyone else in this world is entitlied to do.

simple advice: if you don't enjoy certain genres of music or like certain bands just don't comment on it and carry on listening to what you do enjoy.
Jason Flom (chief music officer at Hot Topic)on Black Veil Brides : "They are bringing back what has been missing for over a decade: they are rock heroes that are truly larger than life. The make-up, the hair, the leather, and most importantly they have great songs, great playing …"

3LW - “Playas Gon’ Play” ( 2000 ) : "...haters gonna hate..."
by pseudonym92 March 27, 2012
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A rock group consisting of Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jinxx, CC (Christian Coma) and Jake Pitts. They have several albums featuring songs such as; In The End, Fallen Angels and Knives And Pens
I really like the band Black Veil Brides, especially the song Fallen Angels
by DeadlyDaze December 7, 2015
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Black Veil Brides are an American heavy metal band.
Current line up -
Andy Six (vocals)
Ashley Purdy(Bass)
Jake Pitts(guitar)(he has some really awesome solos)
Christian 'cc' Coma(drums)

Andy Six (NOT SIXX STUPID FAN GIRLS WHO CAN'T SPELL MADE THAT UP) first created the band when he was 14, in Ohio, where he grew up, it was originally called Beirsack.
When he was seventeen he moved to L.A. where he filmed the Knives and Pens video before a real line up was even created. Andy and bassist Ashley Purdy met and agreed on what sort of band they wanted. There were a few line up changes including Sandra Alveranga on drums, Chris Hollywood on guitar and a noob called pan on guitar.
Who cares if you think they look like girls, I like them for their music not their look. Listen to Black Veil Brides before you hate them, they're quite sweet people in real life :)
by the girl with the red bow March 24, 2011
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A rock and roll band full of wizards who like to cast spells on their stringed instruments while bashing on the drums. They are most known for their relationships with jeffery star. when ever their lead singer (Lightning Thunderstein) enters a room seagulls fly out from his armpits and the song "Im too sexy for my shirt" begins to play. The drummer is captain cold and is lightning's roommate.

The rest of the band consists of Dr. Black (oftenly called ashley) and Rupert Johnson (screen name: thedemonbarbor1997)

They are an all around great band except for back in 2009 when they greatly contributed to the great house elf scandal. During this period of time, the members of BVB would smuggle house elves to their events and sell them on the black market
Girl: Black Veil Brides is soooo hot I just love their lead singer
Boy: he is jewish
Girl: Yeah but he likes to rock and roll (uuhh) so it is all good
Boy: I like that song about people screaming
Girl: you mean fallen angels? O.o
by capitalmaster3000 December 24, 2011
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A rock band that consists of five members; Andy Biesack- Lead singer, Ashley Purdy- Bass and backup singer, Jinxx- Rythem guitar and Violin, Jake Pitts- Lead guitar, CC- Drums.

People say that BVB is an emo band, which it is not. It's an amazing band who has the best fans in the world. They look up to bands like KISS, as you can tell by their look.

They tell their fans to always be their selfs.
Jackass who thinks their cool; Black Veil Brides is the gayest band ever. There just posers. Stupid fags!

A kid who thinks right; Fuck off, dumbass. Black Veil Brides is the best band ever!
by I'm a unicorn named Rafeekee. October 23, 2011
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