The act of a man strechting his scrotum out flat and wrapping his entire package in it
When I looked back at him he was giving me the sleeping bag
by Og_mudbone April 02, 2009
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2 Percies and a Xan; That's a Sleeping bag. I got 2 bad bitches in my sleeping bag. Finna suck me up, told that bitch let Migos smash; Boy don't test yo luck, turn the Venue to a Boxing match.
by OGColours June 14, 2016
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This is an example of squaring two consecutive, identical words:

Sleeping Bag² meaning a sleeping bag bag.

ie, the bag a sleeping bag is stored in.

When spoken it is standard to say 'squared' rather than 'to the power of 2' or the traditional long form 'sleeping bag bag'.

Putting such words to a power is a handy method in short hand.
'Eugh, someone has spilt lager all over my Sleeping Bag²'
by mikethemilf March 29, 2009
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A variation of the tea bag. The difference between the sleeping bag and the tea bag is a tea bag is usually announced or planned. The sleeping bag is performing the tea bag to an open mouthed sleeper unbenounced to the victim.
man that tall guy fell asleep in my jetta and i totally sleeping bagged him.
by Samuel Leblanc September 16, 2009
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when performing cunelangus on an overweight woman, grabing a fold of her stomach fat and stretching it over your head.
I was able to wrap up in her sleeping bag.
by Chris April 18, 2005
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"I want that Sleeping Bag bro... making money while i'm sleep. Ya feel me?"

"Buy me a couple houses, get me a few tenants... then boom, I got that Sleeping Bag"
by Mkhai Sphinx June 21, 2019
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A less explicit way of saying condoms.
"Hey, Tina, Can I borrow a couple sleeping bags? Its gonna be a good night ;)"
by MollyConnolly November 14, 2009
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