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The woman pushes in on the prostate (from the taint region) while performing oral sex until the man ejaculates. The man then eats a handful of Twizzlers and passes out.
Liz and I were going at it last night, then she put me in the sleeper hold and I didn't wake up until noon.
by Sarge Ent March 29, 2010
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A person who intensely masturbates and as he or she reaches their climax, they simultaneously chloroform oneself.
Yo homebroski, last night I was peeping in on this chick who was finger banging herself hella hard moaning and screaming and right as she was experiencing her delicious orgasm she covered her mouth with a chloroform soaked rag knocking herself out instantly! It was the picture perfect Sleeper Hold dudes!
by Fatt Unit April 11, 2011
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